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Where is my NFT on Coinbase Wallet?

"Coinbase Wallet currently supports NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon networks that are in an image or GIF format." It also does not support lazy-minted ERC-1155 NFTs. (source)

This is a limitation of Coinbase Wallet, and Paper unfortunately cannot help you view your NFTs in the Coinbase Wallet.

That said, you can confirm the NFT is in your wallet in other ways!

  1. Search your wallet address on EtherScan (Ethereum), PolygonScan (Polygon), or SnowTrace (Avalanche). These are blockchain explorers that will show you cryptocurrency and NFTs in the Tokens dropdown:

  2. Log into a marketplace like OpenSea (Ethereum, Polygon) or NFTrade (Avalanche) and view your profile.

Here's a walkthrough for signing into NFTrade:

  1. Head to and click the CONNECT ACCOUNT button.

  2. Select Coinbase Wallet and you'll be presented a QR code.

  3. On your Coinbase Wallet mobile app, look for the Scan button.

  4. Scan the QR code (from step 2) with your phone.

  5. You should be logged into NFTrade! Now select My NFTs from the dropdown that lists your wallet address.

  6. You'll be able to see any Avalanche NFTs in your wallet.

See How do I let others view my NFT? for alternatives ways to view your NFT.

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