How do I view my NFT on the browser extension?

The MetaMask browser extension does not natively support displaying NFTs (source).

How do I view my NFT on the mobile app?

MetaMask's mobile app correctly shows NFTs but you may need to import it manually.

The "Address" is the 42-character hexadecimal (a-z, 0-9) string that starts with 0x...

The "Collectible ID" is the token address of the NFT. For ERC-721 collections, each NFT has a different token ID. For ERC-1155 collections, all NFTs of the same type share the same token ID.

On OpenSea:

MetaMask also has an "NFT detection" feature (Security & Privacy > Autodetect NFTs) for Ethereum NFTs only.

See How do I let others view my NFT? for alternatives ways to view your NFT.

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