Transfer NFTs out of your Paper Wallet without gas (Polygon only)

Log into your Paper Wallet and select the NFT you'd like to transfer. Enter the wallet address you'd like to transfer the NFT to and select Transfer.

⚠️ Double check the receiving wallet address is correct! This process is irreversible and Paper is not responsible for NFTs that are transferred out of your wallet. Paper nor the vendor will ask you to transfer the NFT.

Paper covers the network fees for transferring your first few NFTs. If you are looking to make many transfers, we recommend migrating to a different wallet app.

How do I transfer my Ethereum, Solana, or AVAX NFT out of my Paper Wallet?

Currently Paper does not support free transfers for NFTs on these blockchains. For full control of your Paper Wallet, please export your private key and import it to a different wallet app. See How do I export to MetaMask or another wallet?

You can then login to OpenSea with your external wallet to make the transfer or within your external wallet (if the wallet app supports transfers).

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