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How do I connect to a private Discord or Telegram group?
How do I connect to a private Discord or Telegram group?
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A common NFT perk is to unlock access to a private Discord channel or Telegram group. A popular tool for this is CollabLand. These instructions are for users with a Paper Wallet. If you have your NFT in a non-Paper wallet, the steps will be similar but your wallet will have a different UI to "connect" with CollabLand.

First, log into your Paper wallet

On a mobile device with a camera, log in to your Paper Wallet. Then continue with the Discord or Telegram instructions below.

Open the CollabLand page on Discord

  1. In the merchant's Discord, find the channel to check for NFT ownership.

    1. This channel is commonly named #collabland-join:

    2. If you need help finding this Discord channel, please contact the merchant. Paper is unable to help debug merchant benefits.

  2. Select Let's go!

  3. Select Connect Wallet.

  4. A new page will pop up with a url

  5. Select WalletConnect. A QR code should appear.

  6. Select Scan the QR code on your mobile device and scan the QR code.

  7. You'll get a prompt to approve this app. Select Approve.

  8. On the CollabLand page, select Sign Message.

  9. On your mobile device, select Approve. This action does not cost any fees.

  10. Complete the steps on the CollabLand page to verify your ownership of this wallet address.

When this is completed, it may take up to an hour for the CollabLand Discord bot to update your account with any roles you should be granted with the NFTs in this wallet.

Open the CollabLand page on Telegram

Coming soon! The steps should be similar as Discord.

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