You can log into any web3 app like OpenSea that supports the WalletConnect. WalletConnect is an open source protocol that allows websites to consistently connect hundreds of different wallets.

The simplest way to connect to OpenSea is to log in with one device A and verify your wallet with a second mobile device B.

  1. On device A (laptop, tablet, or mobile device are fine), navigate to OpenSea and click the wallet icon in the upper right corner (it may be in the menu icon on smaller screens).

  2. Select WalletConnect

  3. A QR code will pop up.

  4. On device B (mobile or any device with a camera), log in to your Paper Wallet.

    1. You'll be required to log in via an email link if you haven't already. This step verifies that you are the owner of this wallet.

  5. Select the Scan QR code button

  6. With this device B, scan the QR code displaying on device A.

  7. Select Approve to continue.

You're now connected! Feel free to update your profile and unhide NFTs in your Hidden tab.

⚠️ Paid actions such as listing an item for sale is not currently supported. If you're looking to sell and NFT, please export your Paper Wallet to another wallet app that is better suited for transferring cryptocurrencies.

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