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Where is my NFT?
Where is my NFT?
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There may be multiple reasons why you can't see your NFT. Please look over this list before contacting support.

You recently paid

Please wait a few minutes after your purchase. During rare heavy traffic, it may take multiple hours to deliver your NFT.

Can't view on OpenSea

OpenSea hides Polygon NFTs with low trade volume by default (source). See OpenSea FAQ.

Can't view on MetaMask

The MetaMask browser extension does not natively support displaying NFTs (source). See MetaMask FAQ.

Can't view on Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase Wallet app does not support displaying lazy-minted ERC-1155 NFTs (source). See Coinbase Wallet FAQ.

โ— The most reliable ways to confirm the NFTs in your collection are to view it from your Paper Wallet or search your wallet a blockchain explorer (PolygonScan or EtherScan).

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